Papers and Journals 

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      Authored by 
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AJTCVM (2011) Vol 6, No.1.Authored by Petermann U. [spacer height="6px"] 15. Laser Acupuncture Treatment of Infected Arthritis and Tendosynovitis in Horses. Authored by Petermann U. [spacer height="6px"] 16. The role of laser acupuncture in equine back problems. Authored by Petermann U. [spacer height="6px"] 17. Clinical Use Of Low Level Laser Therapy. Postgraduate Course in Veterinary AP, Dublin, 1996 Authored by Rogers PAM. [spacer height="6px"] 18. Low Level Laser Therapy in Horses. Laser Therapy, 1 (1989) (1): 31-35. Authored by Yamada, H. et al. [spacer height="6px"] 19. Antimicrobial Blue Light Therapy for Multidrug-Resistant Acinetobacter Baumannii Infection in a Mouse Burn Model:
      Implications for Prophylaxis and Treatment of Combat-Related Wound Infections.
J Infect Dis. (2014) Jun 15;209(12):1963-71. Authored by Zhang Y, et al.

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