The TheraData monitoring system is an equine-oriented sensor kit. It is currently in the Beta-Phase of testing, expected for release by Winter 2016. The product is comprised of a control module, as well as a user determined number of sensors. The sensors house a multitude of different functionalities, and the control module adds flexibility to access that information conveniently. Use this system to monitor your horse's movements, behaviour, and vital signs to ensure it's performing at it's optimal capacity. 
The TheraData line is the product of the Stronach Medical Group Inc.


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Activity Monitoring

[spacer height="10px"] The TheraData monitoring kits come equipped with a bevy of sensors allowing you to track your horse and its surroundings. Using TheraData, you can monitor: [spacer height="6px"] -Motion Sensors: 3D sensors to measure movement, balance, and more [spacer height="6px"] -GPS: Track your horse anywhere on earth with the built-in GPS [spacer height="6px"] -Barometer: Measure the surrounding pressure or check the altitude [spacer height="6px"] -Temperature: Make sure that your horse is not sick, or overworking itself




Multi-Link Capacity

[spacer height="10px"] The TheraData system allows you to connect to multiple sensors simultaneously. With the flexibility to be applied anywhere on a horse, there are endless possibilities to what one can check for. Here are some of our suggestions: [spacer height="6px"] -1 Sensor: Place anywhere on a leg, or on the back, neck, head, etc.  [spacer height="6px"] -2 Sensors: Any combination of two legs, a leg and the back, a leg and neck, back and neck, etc. [spacer height="6px"] -3 Sensors: Any combination of two legs and back, or two legs and neck, or neck, back, and one leg, etc. [spacer height="6px"] -4 Sensors: All four legs, or two legs and back and neck, etc. [spacer height="6px"] -5 or More: You can be as creative as you'd like 




Wireless Connectivity

[spacer height="10px"]  The TheraData system allows unparalleled access to your horse. Wireless connectivity enables you to connect your phone or any other wireless technology to the device, and monitor your equine athlete. The TherApp application lets you connect to your device to track motion and location, check behavior, check the surrounding environment, and battery status. Additionally, you can customize the setting to receive alarms and notifications when and if something unusual occurs.

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