The TheraRay photo-therapy system is an equine-oriented alternative to laser therapy. The product emits light that initiates the cellular regenerative process. This light is contained within a wrap to focus on the location of the injury. The technology can be used to treat inflammation, sprains, superficial wounds, and other troubled spots. Overall, the TheraRay system is used to reduce recovery time for active and/or injured horses.
The TheraRay line is the product of the Stronach Medical Group Inc. 





Lixel Technology 

 Lixel (Light Pixel) technology sets the TheraRay system above all other light therapy devices. Each TheraRay kit is comprised of many lixels, which work independently to deliver the optimal treatment for your horse. Each injury occupies a different level of the tissue, an issue that the three-colour lixel resolves.

-Red: Treats soft damage at mid-tissue depths. This includes inflammation, sprains, stiffness, etc. -Infrared: Treats tissue damage at deeper levels. This accesses parts of the inflammation that are commonly unreachable, thus healing the injury at its core. -Blue: This color doesn't penetrate deep, but has been shown to act as a bacteria disinfectant, and treats superficial wounds which reduces overall scarring




Temperature Sensors 

 When treating an inflammation, or any other muskuloskeletal issue, it is very important to know that the patients are not being exposed to too much heat. Typical light-based systems, like Laser therapy and UV treatments are known to get quite hot. Sometimes, the treatment apparatus gets hot enough to actually burn the patient and do more harm than good. 
The TheraRay system is equipped with a temperature sensor in each lixel, as well as an ambient temperature sensor to ensure that the treatment doesn't burn. Beyond the notion that the TheraRay uses cold lights (LEDs), if the system happens to exceed a threshold temperature anywhere then the treatment is immediately turned off to let the patient cool down naturally.




Treatment Management 

 With the TheraRay treatment system, you can ensure that each treatment is specified to your injury. Much like a visit to the vet, the TheraRay can treat a variety of different issues.
With pre-programmed protocols, you can treat your horse specifically for lamanitis, sprains, inflammations, bruises, or cuts. 
Beyond managing pre-existing treatment cycles, the device also allows you to develop your own healing patterns with variables such as:

-Light: which translates to how deep the injury is -Duration: how long each point is exposed -Intensity: The brightness of the light, similar to a dose measurement -Location: Manage independent points for a more precise treatment




Remote Access and Control 

 The TheraRay system allows unparalleled access to your horse. Wireless connectivity enables you to connect your phone to the device, and monitor your equine athlete. The TherApp application lets you connect to your device to design treatment protocols, check current treatment progress, battery status, location, and monitor any additional sensors of interest. Additionally, you can customize the setting to receive alarms and notifications when a treatment finishes or if something unusual occurs. 

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